Cómo cargar de energía las cartas del tarot?

  • By: Ángel

Energizing tarot cards is an amazing practice. It allows tapping into the supernatural powers of these old divination tools. Filling them with good energy makes them stronger and more insightful! To start energizing, find a peaceful place to focus your thoughts. Take some deep breaths, hold the deck and imagine vibrant energy filling each card. This energy cleanses and energizes them, bringing divine wisdom.

Part of this practice includes using crystals to charge tarot cards. Amethyst is for intuition, rose quartz for love and healing, clear quartz for clarity and amplifying energy. Place the crystals on the deck or use them while reading.

Centuries ago in Europe, during the Renaissance period, tarot decks were sacred tools used by powerful mystics. They studied the meanings behind each card and perfected their ability to use energies. Now it’s your turn to energize your tarot cards! Get ready for more juice than your morning coffee!

Understanding the concept of charging tarot cards

When it comes to charging tarot cards, there are various ways. Using crystals is one method. Placing one on top of your cards or storing them together can boost their energy.

Essential oils or incense can be used too. The aroma of these substances can create a sacred space. Wafting the smoke or anointing the cards with oil can infuse positivity.

Moonlight exposure is also beneficial. Leave your cards under a full moon to cleanse and refresh their power. But, keep in mind that some materials can fade or deteriorate in sunlight. So, moonlight is often a safer choice.

Pro Tip: Trust your intuition when charging cards. Experiment to find what works best for your special bond with them.

Different methods to charge tarot cards with energy

Unlock the power of your tarot cards! Infuse them with positive energy by setting intentions and utilizing cleansing practices like smudging. Even crystals, such as quartz or amethyst, can be used to amplify the deck’s vibrations. You can also leave the cards under the moonlight overnight, or meditate and focus on channeling energy into the cards.

Pro tip: Each crystal has unique properties. Clear quartz amplifies energy, while amethyst provides spiritual protection. Find the perfect crystal companion for your deck and embrace your future!

Additional tips for enhancing the energy of tarot cards

Tarot cards are powerful! Here are some tips to boost their energy:

  • Set your intention. This will align the energy with what you want.
  • Cleanse your cards. Smudging with sage or moonlight can help.
  • Connect with the cards. Meditate while holding them, or sleep with them nearby.
  • Crystals and gemstones can amplify readings. Choose stones that fit your intentions.

Trust your intuition when working with the cards. Find what resonates with you. Dedicate a special space for tarot readings. Create an intentional atmosphere.

Did you know tarot cards were called «playing cards of the gods«? They were tools for divination and conduits of divine wisdom.

Charge your tarot cards with lightning and watch the future unfold!


Charging tarot cards is essential for any reader. It connects the reader to the cards, helping to give clear readings.

One way to do this is to place them under a full moon. Its energy can fill the cards. Put them outside or on a windowsill to absorb its power.

Crystals are also said to work. Clear quartz or amethyst are believed to cleanse and energize the cards. Leave one or more on top of the deck overnight.

Visualization and intention can help too. Hold the deck and picture white light surrounding it. Imagine it filling the cards with vibrancy and positivity. Set an intention in your mind as you do this.

Smudging is another way. Burn sage or palo santo and pass each card through the smoke. Intend for purification and activation. The smoke will cleanse any old energy.

These practices tap into universal energies that align with the spiritual nature of tarot readings. Incorporate them in your routine to strengthen your connection and improve readings.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How do I charge my tarot cards with energy?

Answer: There are various methods to charge your tarot cards with energy. You can try holding them under running water, smudging them with incense or sage, placing them under moonlight, or even meditating with them.

FAQ 2: Can I charge my tarot cards with sunlight?

Answer: While sunlight can be a powerful source of energy, it is not recommended to charge tarot cards with direct sunlight as it may fade the colors and damage the cards. Moonlight is a safer option for charging.

FAQ 3: How often should I charge my tarot cards?

Answer: The frequency of charging your tarot cards depends on your usage. If you use them frequently or feel their energy is depleted, it is recommended to charge them once a month or as needed.

FAQ 4: Can I charge my tarot cards with crystals?

Answer: Yes, you can charge your tarot cards with crystals. Place the deck on a crystal cluster or near crystals known for their spiritual properties, such as quartz or amethyst, and allow them to absorb the energy.

FAQ 5: Is it necessary to charge new tarot cards?

Answer: While new tarot cards may not require immediate charging, it is still recommended. Charging helps establish a connection with the deck and infuses them with your energy, enhancing your intuition during readings.

FAQ 6: How long should I leave my tarot cards to charge?

Answer: The duration of charging depends on personal preference. Some individuals leave their tarot cards to charge overnight, while others prefer a few hours. Trust your intuition and remove the cards when you feel they are sufficiently charged.